How to Try to Be Optimistic About the Election Results

November 9, 2016

I spoke to my colleagues today about some reasons I am trying to remain optimistic:

1. Reagan was called the next Hitler, but he turned out OK

2. The power of the US president is limited, e.g. Obama tried to make certain immigration policies that got shut down by the White House

3. It’s possible that Trump was putting on a ruse to gain the vote, and will now present a more normal and less harsh personality. This is a strategy that has been followed in the past.

4. He does not have the power to make some of the changes he has been proposing.

5. I am happy to be living in Canada

6. This is an opportunity for a massive talent grab from the US. I am encouraging American friends to move to Canada and am happy to help.

7. This is a time to consider how you can choose to be personally involved in politics going forward. I have already started by blogging. Also attempting to help inspire and empower current and future leaders to make a positive impact on the world.

8. This reminds you of the power of one person, of one vote — and reminds us of the responsibility that we all have.

9. New dating opportunities for Canadians…?


That’s all, folks. If you have any other rays of potential sunshine I would love to hear them.


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