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I am an angel investor in startups with angel investors & VC firms including Founders Fund, 8VC, Softbank, Khosla Ventures, SV Angel and more. Within my first two years of angel investing, my initial portfolio of 6 companies included Loom (a unicorn) + 1 exit. I am the CEO of MakerKids, am a mentor with Founder Institute, and mentor several entrepreneurs.

I'm open to considering investment opportunities, and advisor and/or board member positions. If you ever want to trade notes on potential angel investments, I would be happy to. Or if you have or hear of any investment opportunities, advisor positions or board positions that seem like they could be a fit for me, I would love to hear about it. Skills: marketing, PR, strategy, education. Interest areas: post-revenue companies making a positive impact in the world with technology.

Feel free to reach out directly - no warm intros needed.


Scout for venture investments for SHL Capital, a fund investing in technology startups including Notion, Figma, Hellosign, Republic, Clubhouse, and Lambda School. SHL Capital is run by Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad and employee #2 at Pinterest. LPs include Naval Ravikant, Marc Andreessen and more.

Feel free to get in touch with me about your startup!


Sahil lavingia's fund


I also have the ability to scout for various AngelList syndicates that I am a part of. Feel free to reach out if you are looking for funding and are interested in the possibility of a SPV for your company.

Also, if you are interested in me being a scout for your fund or syndicate, please feel free to contact me to explore this further!


Reach out to Jennifer

Angel Investor, Advisor, Board Member

Here is more about me, my investing strategies and my value-adds:

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