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Jennifer is an award-winning speaker and entrepreneur who transformed dissatisfaction with her corporate job into a groundbreaking self-education journey and dream career. After interviewing and shadowing some of Silicon Valley's greatest minds, she went on to be the CEO of Makerkids, the first makerspace for kids in the world, and author multiple books that help adults land the careers they're seeking and encourage kids to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Success in the modern world comes from hustle and a can-do attitude. Jennifer speaks from her most authentic self, talking about everything from making the most of emerging technologies, to developing skills like leadership, resilience, creativity, and more.

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Innovating Ourselves & Raising Kids as Innovators

Career Planning by Design

Many Ups & Downs: TEDx Santiago


"Jennifer was fabulous and she was the perfect fit for our topic discussion. She used current and tangible examples which I know our parents really appreciated. It would be fitting to have Jennifer present again in the future as we expand our building to incorporate a Maker Space of our very own"


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Nextgen Business Success

STEM & The Maker Movement – From Consumer to Creator

Career Planning by Design

Today’s success comes from the hustle and can-do attitude. Jennifer’s business model is based on a ‘Make it happen’ approach: Make anything possible, make something awesome, make things happen and make new connections. She shares her entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned along the way and how Singularity University helped frame her thoughts around technology and education.

Jennifer’s exploratory approach to finding her career has been documented as one of Forbes’ Greatest Hits. In this presentation, she shares how audiences can learn from her experience of prototyping her career future, taking risks, and challenging herself to explore new opportunities, all while pursuing her passion.

Jennifer’s business model for MakerKids became the first and largest makerspace for kids in the world. Her focus is on interest-driven STEM learning programs, great service and fostering 21st century skills and technological skills – empowering youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. In addition to teaching kids technology skills, MakerKids also helps them develop skills like leadership, resilience, creativity, and more.



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