Can’t Find a Job You Love? Make Your Own!

June 2, 2021

Finding a job you love isn’t always easy. If it was, people wouldn’t be changing careers 5-7 times during their lives.

Everyone has different criteria when it comes to finding a job they want to stick with. The deal breakers for you may not matter to the next person and vice versa. If you’ve searched the pool, cast your net wide, and still can’t find a job that interests you in the least, it may be time to create your own.

Scary, right? I know.

But, I can tell you it’s also exciting, exhilarating, and well worth the ride. Years ago, I was right where you are today. Stuck in a job I hated and trying to figure out where I was going to go next, I knew something had to change. That’s when I started thinking out of the box and about creating my own job.

On the Road to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship was something I always heard about, but never really focused on. So, I started reading about it…a lot. I soon began to discover that this was the only road that would bring me true happiness.

I discovered that I can not only be happy at work but also be at a job that I can build and grow along with it. To this day, I’m constantly looking for ways to grow my business and advance my career. Because I’ve found something I love to do, the drive to always improve is there. Makes sense, right?

I can also provide others an environment where they can do the same. I can be the motivator and the catalyst they need to be successful. By giving them a positive environment where they can work and grow, I’m helping others find their niche which is a rewarding thing to be able to do.

The Power to Change

One of the best things I’ve discovered about entrepreneurship is that the power to change is always in my hands. If I’m feeling burnt out or stressed, I can change my workload. If something is not working, I can look for ways to tweak it. The power to change lies with me so there’s no excuse not to do it. I just need to continue to have the drive to do so.

When you’re running your own company, you can find the area of the business that you like most. For some people it’s the creative side, for others it’s the administrative side. You can do whatever you like and you have the power to change something when it just doesn’t fit.

What other job gives you that freedom? None that I know of!

The best thing about entrepreneurship is that the power to do anything lies in your hands. It’s not always going to be easy. Many times you’re going to struggle. But, if you have the drive and the passion, you’re going to succeed.

Think about what puts a smile on your face and what strengths you have that are related to your interests. These things will help put you on the right path to determine what type of business you may want to start. Now you need to have the courage to do it. Believe in yourself and be ready to work hard because you got this!


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