How You Know You’ve Chosen the Right Career

June 8, 2021

Many people who know me know that I love helping people find their right career path. After being on the wrong path myself, I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a job that you dislike. I also know what it feels like to finally find your niche, your passion, what you were meant to do.

But, how do you know you’ve chosen the right career? There’s not going to be a parade that comes out and congratulates you. But, there are other signs that you’ve found your calling.

Here are some things that I believe are indicators that you’re where you need to be, at least for now.

You actually enjoy what you’re doing

This may sound like a no-brainer, many people don’t enjoy what they’re doing but assume since it’s work, that’s expected. No! Yes, your job is work, but you should also get some type of joy out of doing what you’re doing. There has to be something there that excites you and gets you moving in the morning.

When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re more productive, more creative, and obviously a happier human. I remember being stuck in a job that I downright hated. As a result, I wasn’t creative, I wasn’t productive, and I certainly wasn’t a happy person. That’s when I knew I hadn’t chosen the right career. 

You look for ways to advance and grow

When you have a job that’s meant for you, you not only want to stay there, but you want to look for ways to grow. You want to keep advancing because the sky’s the limit. Because you’re content, your productivity will go up too. You’ll see that you want to do more things at work and will look at ways to grow.

You feel balanced

Many times people have an all work, no play kind of life. When you’re stressed at work, you bring it home and there’s no time for relaxing. That’s not the type of balance you want in life. When you’ve chosen the right career, you feel balanced in life. You feel like there is time to work, but you’re not constantly bringing it home.

You’ve explored many possibilities

As you choose your new career, it’s important to explore all of the possibilities out there. You should cast your net wide as I always say, to make sure that you are considering all of the options out there. You want to know that you’ve looked at everything out there and have found the one job that you were meant to do. Without doing this, you may still have uncertainties about life and wonder if you’ve made the choice. You need to be confident in your decision if you want to be happy and successful.

Final Thoughts

Trust me, I know that finding your right career path isn’t easy. But, I can tell you that it is worth it…100%. It takes time, hard work, and the drive to want to find that right fit. Believe in yourself, persevere, and you will get on that path that you were meant to take.


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