The Case for Canada

November 9, 2016

Today I return to blogging, because today more than ever it hit me how much of a difference one voice (or one vote) can make. So let’s each share ours.

American friends and Canadian friends currently located in America: Toronto is an awesome city. And Canada is an awesome country. Just saying.

The Economist named Toronto the best place to live in the world.

Paul Graham of YCombinator said “the applications we get from University of Waterloo (near Toronto) students are better than those we get from students of any other university.”

Toronto is: safe, fun, a flight hub, beautiful, central, on the water, and more. It has great public transit, healthcare, schools, libraries, people, nature, nightlife, police, career opportunities, startup culture, talent, affordable housing and more. Canada also has a startup visa program. I have lived in many cities and I love this one the most.

I am happy to help any of my friends plan a visit/move to Toronto.

PS here is more about the entrepreneurial scene in Toronto:
Toronto Tech Startup Scene in a Blossom
Toronto is Poised to Become the Next Great Producer of Tech Startups


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